Agent 22 aka Gekko and his Abilities


At long last, the arrival of Gekko, the 22nd agent of Valorant, is here. As an initiator with green hair, Gekko is exactly what Valorant requires at the moment. He injects a lightheartedness into the game’s current cast, which is otherwise somber.

Gekko’s abilities will now be examined after Riot’s official disclosure of his character, following an earlier leak, revealing a youthful boy in skinny jeans and green hair.

Gekko has arrived after much anticipation, and it is revealed that he hails from Spain, has a sisterly bond with Reyna, and seems to be good friends with Neon, all of which contribute to the lore of Valorant. Players are delighted to have another agent with witty dialogue and a comical disposition.

Gekko’s Prowess:

Dizzy (E)

Gekko uses a weapon called Dizzy that he launches into the air, causing it to fly. As it charges up, Dizzy shoots plasma at any enemies in its path, causing them to become temporarily blinded. Once the Dizzy’s charge is depleted, it transforms into a passive state that can be retrieved by Gekko after a 10-second wait for another charge.

Wingman (Q)

Gekko deploys Wingman, a weapon that seeks out enemies and releases a concussive blast at the first enemy it detects. Gekko also has the option to use Wingman’s alternate fire mode to plant or defuse the Spike, but he must have the Spike in his possession to use Wingman as a planting tool. After a brief waiting period, Gekko can recover Wingman for future use.

Mosh Pit (C)

Gekko uses Mosh, a projectile weapon that he can either throw normally using regular fire or throw underhand with alternate fire. Once it lands, Mosh duplicates itself and, after a brief pause, detonates, causing damage in a wide area.

Thrash (X)

Gekko utilizes Thrash, which he can direct toward enemies. Upon activation, Thrash lunges forward and detonates, detaining any enemies in the surrounding area. After Thrash has been used, Gekko can retrieve her and recharge after a short wait to use it again.

At the moment, Sova and Fade are the only viable agents for gathering intelligence, making them the only effective sentinels. However, despite the fact that Gekko should have been a sentinel based on the timeline of agents, the decision to add an initiator was the correct one. Despite the recent addition of Fade, Valorant’s support roster still feels incomplete, but Gekko’s kit, which is similar to that of Raze, may be able to fill that void effectively.

Gekko release date?

Gekko is set to join the Valorant team in Episode 6, Act 3, which is expected to begin in late April, and the release date is still a month away. Players can look forward to not only Gekko’s addition, but also a new skin bundle, battle pass, and other exciting features.

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