Kyedae’s Dread of Winning Best Valorant Streamer Award Explained


Kyedae emerged as the best Valorant streamer at The Streamer Awards, but instead of feeling joyful, she expressed a sense of dread.

In a tweet responding to the announcement of her win, she revealed that she anticipated receiving negative feedback and felt more apprehensive than elated upon hearing the news.

Kyedae acknowledged that the award was determined by fan votes, and while she believed that Tarik was a more deserving candidate, she had no control over the outcome.

Kyedae received congratulations from the streaming community for her achievement and was advised to pay no attention to the vehement detractors. Even Tarik extended his sympathy, stating, “Kyedae I’m genuinely apologetic that you must endure that nonsense. You put in a lot of hard work and absolutely deserve this recognition.”

Kyedae remained in good spirits despite the anticipated negative messages and was cheered on enthusiastically by TenZ when her name was announced at the show. She even made light of her cancer diagnosis in her acceptance speech for the award, stating that she did not prepare a speech as she expected someone else to win. She joked that she had talked to QT on the sidelines, and winning the award was her Make-A-Wish. Kyedae expressed her gratitude to everyone for the recognition.

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