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Apex Legends is Healthier Than Ever, According to Player Count.


When the game reached its all-time player count peak, Apex Legends Season 16 might be one of the game’s most successful launches to date.

It appears that Respawn’s recommendation to start playing Apex Legends at the beginning of Season 16: Revelry paid off. With a revamp of the game’s class system, the season update brought forth more changes than ever before.

Existing Legends now belong to one of five classes known as “Remastered Legend Classes”:

  • Assault
  • Recon
  • Skirmisher 
  • Controller
  • Support

However, each of these new classes offers special benefits to its Legends, completely altering the nature of Apex matchups. Together with the brand-new Team Deathmatch mode and a number of other balancing changes and improvements, this new approach appears to have increased player interest in the game.

Apex Legends is Healthier Than Ever, According to Player Count.

Just one day after the start of Season 16, on February 15, 2023, Apex reached a peak player count of 609,000 at around 9 am ET. 510,000 people were counted at their highest point previously, in August 2022.

It’s important to note that only Steam player counts may be tracked, hence the data excludes console player counts. While these figures are excellent for Apex, it’s likely that over the first weekend after Season 16’s release, even more players may start to favour the game.

The player count comes at a time when players have expressed worries about the game’s future due to Apex Legends Mobile’s closure. But these figuresā€”along with Respawn’s assuranceā€”will be a reliable predictor of the game’s potential endurance.

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