Will PlayStation release Valorant in 2023?


The major LOCK/IN tournament that will take place over the coming weeks has generated a lot of interest around Valorant.

Since the game has only been available on PC since its conception in 2020, it has been far more difficult for it to amass a sizable fan base like other cross-platform games. Riot Games has provided an update on whether Valorant will be made available on other platforms in light of recent modifications and enhancements.

So, the question arises: Will Valorant be available for PlayStation gamers in 2023?

Will PlayStation release Valorant in 2023?

The game will be made available on additional platforms, according to the 2023 Dev Diary posted on the Valorant YouTube channel, although the process is taking much longer than expected.

It may take another year or more to get everything ready for player consumption, therefore it is uncertain when the additional platforms will be released. Although it seems likely that Xbox and PlayStation would be among the platforms, the update did not say which ones the game would be expanding to.

The additional platforms will increase the game’s accessibility to more players and contribute to the expansion of the Valorant fan base, which will speed up the game’s already rapid growth.

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