How to Change Valorant Region in 2023.


In order to play Valorant at a high level, there shouldn’t be much lag, and players may find it frustrating to endure latency.

Players could be experiencing slowness for another cause aside from problems with their internet service or playing on the wrong server. A player’s experience may be adversely affected if their account is located in the wrong area.

Here is how to change your Valorant region in 2023.

The location determines the region of a player at the time the Riot Games account was created. As a result, a person who made their account in the United States would have that region assigned to their account and be limited to playing with other users from that region.

There are a few ways to modify the region of your account if a player is attempting to play from a different region.

By visiting this page and signing into their Riot account, a player can try to change their region for the first time. A check button will show up after they enter their account to see if their area is accurate or needs to be updated. Players should be instructed on how to update their statements after checking.

Players will need to submit a support ticket in order to get the problem fixed if the first method does not work and the website claims that the region is accurate. While gamers must wait for a response to their ticket, this option will take longer, but it should eventually lead to a solution.

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