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Counter-Strike 2 Beta to be Launched soon


For quite some time, there have been persistent rumors about the eventual release of Counter-Strike 2, and now it appears that these rumors may actually be true. Richard Lewis, a prominent figure in the Counter-Strike community who serves as an eSports journalist, tournament host, caster, and analyst, has claimed that sources have informed him that Counter-Strike 2 is currently in development.

It is likely that the new version will be called Counter-Strike 2 and the beta version is expected to be released sometime this month, with April 1st being the latest possible release date.

Lewis has also disclosed that Counter-Strike 2 will have 128 tick servers, a feature already present in Riot Games’ Valorant. Furthermore, he states that the game will have a significantly improved matchmaking system, with features that could potentially render third-party pugging services redundant.

The report was prompted by NVIDIA driver updates that made reference to “CSGOS2”, which is believed to be the new game or update. According to a Twitter user named @gabefollower, Counter-Strike 2 has been undergoing quality assurance testing since December 2022, although they cannot fully confirm this information.

The recent leaks and reports regarding the release of Counter-Strike 2 have created a lot of speculation, leaving many wondering about the implications for the original game and whether it will be replaced entirely.

However, an even more pressing concern for many players is the fate of their valuable in-game skins, which can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. If the rumors about the update are accurate, it is likely that Valve will address this issue in their announcement. Ideally, players hope their skins will carry over to the new game, but this remains to be seen.

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