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Developer Discusses the Potential for Larger Squads in Helldivers 2


Helldivers 2 has become a standout multiplayer game this year, delivering exhilarating PvE co-op shooter action where players unite to battle waves of extraterrestrial enemies. Despite the current cap of four players per squad, there’s been talk among the Arrowhead community about the potential to increase squad sizes down the line.

Exploring the possibility of Expanded Squads

Gamers on the PlayStation and PC have praised Arrowhead Studios’ Helldivers 2, and there have been speculations that the developer is in talks with Sony to distribute the game on the Xbox platform. The game is currently only available on the PS5 and PC, though cross-play allows users on the two platforms to collaborate. Players are anticipating the possible arrival of melee weapons with excitement.

Although the inclusion of melee weapons appears promising, the possibility of expanding squads beyond four players seems less likely in the immediate future. While not entirely ruled out, it’s not currently a priority for the development team.

Image via Helldivers Discord

The question of whether Helldivers 2 will introduce squads larger than four players arose on Discord, where Twinbeard, the Arrowhead community manager, addressed a fan inquiry. He expressed uncertainty about the prospect, emphasizing that such a feature would entail substantial development effort and may not materialize anytime soon.

While Twinbeard’s response doesn’t completely discount the idea, it suggests that the likelihood of larger squads is minimal at present. Implementing such a feature would necessitate significant adjustments to the game’s mechanics, which currently optimize gameplay for teams of four.

While the potential for larger squads remains uncertain, the community manager revealed ongoing efforts by Arrowhead to address gameplay concerns, including a forthcoming adjustment to prevent players from quickly succumbing to defeat. Additionally, recent patch notes for the 01.000.203 update highlight efforts to resolve known issues within the game.

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