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Halo Infinite Gets a Helldivers-Inspired PvE Mode


Helldivers is a name I am sure many of you are aware of. Either by playing the recent hit title from Arrowhead Games or by the countless shorts and reels players have made about the game and the endless struggle against the hordes of machines and bugs. And while PC and PlayStation players have been having a blast taking part in the defense of Super Earth, it seems that Xbox players have been ignored.

There is no news regarding any port or Xbox version of the game, but alas something like this is not new for Xbox players as it has happened before with JRPGs in the 7th generation of consoles. But unlike last time, Xbox players won’t have to wait because if the recent news is to be believed, Xbox fans will not only get to experience the full Helldivers 2 experience but do it in an arguably better game.

Unveiling the New ODST PvE Mode

Recently, the legendary The Forge Falcons from the Halo modding community have launched the trailer for their new ODST PvE mode, Helljumpers, for Halo Infinite, which is akin to Helldivers 2 but better in every single way. How you might ask? Well, that’s simple.

Helldivers 2 might have the automatons and the bugs, but both are a dime a dozen in modern fiction. But Halo, on the other hand, has an ancient enemy that is the bane of all civilizations and is unstoppable, and their name reflects it as they are the Flood. An enemy that is as iconic as the Master Chief itself.

While they have been absent from the mainline games for some time, it looks like their time to shine has come. They would not only act as the perfect enemy to go against in this new PvE mode but would also reignite the passion of veterans of the game. This mode on Halo Infinite will also be utilizing the new campaign-AI 343 industries added to the game with season 5. A much welcome addition as it is what allows new modes like these to be added to the game. Increasing not only the game’s lifespan but also enticing new players to give it a try.

Halo Infinite Game Mode Helljumper

Previous Works and Future Plans

On the topic of Halo Infinite’s new game modes, The Forge Falcons have also previously worked on multiple different Halo add-ons such as the Battle Royale-style mode Inheritor and the COD: Zombies-like Night of the Undead. The latter of which will be released fully this month.

As for Helljumpers, while we haven’t gotten a proper gameplay reveal for it, The Forge Falcons have assured fans on their X profile that the game will be released in June. However, they also stated the game might be delayed a few weeks if issues arise.

Aside from that, the developers have also stated how the game will play a little differently from Helldivers, which is mostly due to it being made inside of another game rather than from scratch. As such it will feature a custom campaign in which you and your ODST-styled fire team will do your best to hold out and complete missions. Upon the completion of said missions, you will return to your ship to resupply and get upgrades. Whether you’re a veteran Halo player yearning for the days of ODST and Halo 1, or a newcomer drawn to the franchise’s hype, this is the perfect entry point. It might even inspire you to create your own custom modes and join the vibrant modding community, just like The Forge Falcons and countless others.

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