Most Valorant Players Think Gekko Needs A Nerf


Valorant’s newest agent, Gekko (Agent 22), has been revealed, and streamers have been enjoying playing with him. However, there is a growing concern within the community that he may be overpowered and negatively impacting gameplay. Even though he has not been officially released, videos of Gekko performing incredible maneuvers are becoming popular, leading some players to speculate that his abilities could potentially disrupt the game’s balance. While some arguments favor Gekko’s current abilities, most players believe that he needs to be toned down or “nerfed.”

Valorant’s new agent enters the game equipped with a Molotov, a flash, and a helper stun ability. His Thrash skill allows him to collect information and apprehend opponents. On the surface, Gekko’s abilities may appear unimpressive, still, Riot has added subtle enhancements to each one that significantly boosts his power, causing concern within the community that he may be too strong.

Is Gekko really OP?

At present, players are expressing their frustration with Gekko’s ability to effectively counter Valorant’s post-plant strategy. In the game’s current state, if an agent like Viper deploys a Molotov, an opposing agent would typically back away to avoid taking damage, which often leads to them losing the 1V1 encounter. However, Gekko’s Wingman ability offers defenders the opportunity to use it as a shield to withstand Viper’s Molotov and defuse the Spike while it’s still only partially planted.

This game mechanic has the potential to be a game-changer since it provides players with a way to win a 1V1 without much risk. Additionally, players are unhappy with Wingman’s extended range, which allows the small penguin to be deployed from a distance, reach the site, and plant the Spike. This puts teams without Gekko at a significant disadvantage.

Some players have reported a bug where Gekko can encircle the entire site and plant the Spike strategically at Icebox’s rafters. Meanwhile, his Moshpit ability is drawing criticism for its wide area of effect. Several players have shared videos of killing multiple enemies with just the Molotov, which is unique as no other agent in Valorant has an incendiary that can result in instant death.

As a result, the Valorant community is convinced that Gekko is not well-balanced, particularly in regard to his Wingman ability. It remains to be seen whether Riot will take this feedback into account and introduce a nerf for Gekko prior to his official release.

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