Release Date, Price, Skins for the Valorant Oni 2.0 Bundle


Riot has unveiled a teaser for the Oni 2.0 bundle, and it is anticipated to become available on March 7th, which is also the rumored release date for Valorant Episode 6 Act 2.

As per the leaks by ValorLeaks, “Each weapon in the bundle will contain the original 4 Variants, the katana will also have the same variants.

One of the most well-known skinlines ever created, Oni bundle in Valorant is known for its Oni Phantom skin. If you’re an Oni enthusiast too, there’s good news for you because leaks have shown that the Oni 2.0 bundle is now being worked on.

Riot has not yet confirmed anything about it, but the bundle’s leaked filename, “Oni2Yoru,” may indicate that Yoru is included in the trailer. The sixth skinline to receive a second edition, Oni 2.0, may include Vandal rather than Phantom and, who knows, we may even see an Operator skin.

Also, according to rumours, the new melee weapon will be a katana. All skins will also have variants, animations, and finisher upgrades, exactly like the Oni skinline. You may either buy the entire bundle, which includes the skins and other stuff like a playercard, a gun buddy, or a spray, or you can buy the individual goods from the store.

Although the bundle’s pricing isn’t yet known, it should cost 7100 VP, or around $85, since it is anticipated to be a Premium tier bundle. However, the price may differ slightly depending on the region you are playing in.

Also, because the package is still under development, we do not anticipate its release during patch 6.02 or 6.03. When Riot Games formally provides us with additional information regarding the Oni 2.0 package, we will update this page. Like RGX 11z Pro 2.0, will it break the Valorant store?

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