“Twitch Ban: ‘sicK’ Mims Rocks New Platform Kick”


In a notable turn of events, popular streamer Hunter “sicK” Mims is making waves on Kick, a rising platform for content creators, after his recent ban from Twitch. Known for his dramatic antics and what his peers describe as “erratic behavior”, sicK has also received a fair share of community backlash and support in recent weeks.

Previously a key player for Sentinels, sicK was benched amidst these incidents and has since threatened legal action against Twitch. His swift migration to Kick has seen a positive response, with the streamer praising the platform’s clean UI and “less stupid rules”. A potential sponsorship deal seems to be on the horizon, indicating that sicK may soon be a full-time fixture on Kick.

Interestingly, sicK has expressed his intentions to strike a deal with Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam on Kick. While the details of this potential partnership remain unclear, it’s evident that sicK has already found his footing on the new platform.

Following his ban, sicK has not held back on his criticism of Twitch’s support, and is reportedly considering legal help. With influence growing day by day, the streamer has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with the two-week ban and has expressed his intentions to continue streaming elsewhere.

Fans remain concerned about sicK’s well-being, as his tweets have become increasingly erratic and his behavior unpredictable. It’s yet unclear whether this is a calculated act or a genuine plea for help.

sicK’s Kick channel currently has 1,700 followers and is growing, providing a new platform for his ongoing disputes with Twitch. However, the recent news of his arrest for criminal trespassing and controversial tweets towards President Joe Biden have raised more concerns among the Valorant community, who are urging him to seek professional help.

As sicK’s presence continues to grow on Kick, his impact on the streaming world is undeniable. With a mix of supporters, critics, and concerned fans following his journey, the unfolding drama around his career is something to watch. Keep track of sicK’s latest endeavors and developments by following his Kick channel.

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