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Top Tips to Prepare for Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC


Many players will be excited to engage in the action of the upcoming DLC for Elden Ring called “Shadow of the Erdtree,” scheduled for June 21, 2024. In order to prepare for this highly anticipated expansion, here are some of the best things you should do, including levelling up, getting the right gears, and revisiting the essential base game content.

Leveling Up Efficiently

Another important element of the Prepare for “Shadow of the Erdtree”’ build is character level-up. The variance in difficulty provides a reason to upgrade your Vigor, Endurance, and the primary attack button for greater durability. The most effective approach that one can use with much success is through farming runes. There are a lot of places that should be mentioned, such as the Mohgwyn Palace at the late game, which is perfect for rune hunting. For refining usable runes, players should bring equipment such as the Gold Scarab talisman to increase the gathering of rune drops and Rune Arc consumables for an optimised base boost.

Acquiring Essential Gear

The following post urges the right gears to address the challenges in the new DLC/li. Here are some recommendations:

  • Weapons: The first is improving your chief weapon to the maximum level that it can be upgraded. It allows for signature attacks like the special and the Rivers of Blood katana or the Moonveil special attack to take out much of an enemy group. It is advisable to use Somber Smithing Stones in order to reach the ultimate levels of upgrading.
  • Armour: Wear the type of armour that shields the various body parts adequately while moving around easily. Bull-Goat Set is good for combat and defeating powerful enemies, but Black Knife Set focuses on speed and sneak attacks. It should be equipped in such a way that it corresponds to your play style and the build that you are going for.
  • Talismans and Spells: Carry amulets that operate as a boost in your specific strengths and a cut in your specific vulnerabilities. For example, the Radagon’s Scarseal increases parameters in exchange for receiving greater amounts of damage, while the Erdtree’s Favor increases HP, Stamina, and Equip Load. Moreover, collect more effective ammunitions and charms, which may be useful in varying combat situations.

Revisiting Critical Areas

Before the new DLC drops, revisit critical areas in the base game to ensure you haven’t missed any important quests or items:

Roundtable Hold: Before commencing, ensure that all available NPCs at the Roundtable Hold have offered quests, and if so, complete them all. Roderika and D, the Hunter of the Dead, will provide assistance and tools that can be helpful in the DLC.
Main Dungeons and Legacy Dungeons: Check out the main DLCs and other great dungeons, such as Stormveil Castle or Raya Lucaria Academy. These locations are abundant in resources and other strong items that might prove vital in your sequences in the DLC.
Side Quests and NPCs: Different NPCs provide a lot of tasks and missions located throughout the world of the Lands Between. They can also give you the most interesting rewards and additional questlines, such as those with Ranni the Witch or Blaidd the Half-Wolf.

Stocking Up on Consumables

The recommended consumables include healing flasks, buff items and crafting materials (make sure to stock up in advance). Due to flask usage, gather Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears to enhance your flask attributes. Materials such as Trina’s Lily and Root Resin are appropriate for making status-effect items that could change the affairs of the battle.

Final Preparations

For the complete update details related to Elden Ring, frequent the official website of the game and the reliable gaming websites as well as update patches. This will also enable you to be aware of any changes that might be occurring at the last minute or even new contents to the DLC.

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