Valorant Night Market: Release Date Set for June 8th


The much-awaited Valorant Night Market is making a comeback, as confirmed by Riot Games.

Valorant skins can be quite pricey, but players have found a solution through thrift stores. Valorant Night Market appears in the game every two months, offering a variety of expensive weapons at significantly reduced rates. The Night Market card appears on the menu for approximately 19 days, giving players a chance to grab their favorite skins at a bargain.

The previous Valorant Night Market took place from April 5th to April 25th, and now, after a two-month hiatus, it’s returning once again.

So, when can players expect the next Valorant Night Market? Riot Games has announced that the next Valorant Night Market will commence on June 8th and conclude on June 28th, spanning a total of 21 days.

During the event, players can enjoy substantial discounts ranging from 10% to 49% on coveted premium items. It’s an excellent opportunity to acquire high-quality skins without breaking the bank. However, it’s worth noting that exclusive and ultra-rare items won’t be available in the Night Market rotation due to their exclusivity and scarcity.

Nevertheless, players can still look forward to finding sought-after weapons in the Night Market.

Which skins will be featured in the Valorant Night Market?

Valorant Skins

The Night Market will offer gun skins categorized as Select, Deluxe, or Premium. Additionally, most knife skins at the same edition tiers will also be available. However, it’s important to mention that skins must have been in the game for at least two acts before they become eligible for the Night Market store. Out of the six offers available, at least two will be either knife skins or Premium edition gun skins, ensuring players have enticing options to choose from.

Unfortunately, Magepunk 6.0 will not be included in the June Night Market rotation. As a relatively new addition, it hasn’t met the requirement of being present in the game for at least two acts. Fans of the iconic steampunk skins will have to wait until episode 7, Act 2 to see them in action.

Make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming Valorant Night. Market release on June 8th. Take advantage of the discounted prices and secure your desired premium weapon skins before the event ends. Stay tuned for future updates on Night. Market rotations and exclusive offers in the exciting world of Valorant.

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