Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 Release Date


Players have adapted to the new features and maps that have been introduced over the previous month and a half as Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 began on January 9. Players are anticipating the release of Episode 6 Act 2 despite fixes and changes to the gameplay and meta.

Players may need to start grinding the competitive queue as Act 1 draws to a close in order to achieve their ranking objective since a player’s rank will reset at the conclusion of the Act.

Act 2 of Valorant Episode 6 will air on March 7, one day after Act 1 wraps up. Due to the ranked reset, there will probably be a lot of gamers grinding competitive queue over the next several weeks. Act 1’s conclusion shouldn’t cause too much concern for any casual gamers who don’t interested about Valorant’s ranking system.

Notably, the existing Night Market, which allows players to buy particular weapon skins at a discount price, will stop on March 7. Also, the current battle pass will expire at the same time, giving players who want to buy it a short window of time to do so.

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