Valorant Episode 7 Act 1: Unpacking the New Progression System and Kingdom Credits


Enhanced Progression System in Valorant: Night Market, Event Passes, and More The progression system in Riot’s tactical shooter game, Valorant, has been an area of interest for many players. With the anticipated arrival of Episode 7 Act 1, the game will see significant changes in this area. The progression system will include the addition of a new free in-game currency called Kingdom Credits, improved daily rewards, exciting agent accessories, and revamped contracts. This quality-of-life update is set to enhance the gaming experience and further engage the Valorant community.

Kingdom Credits: Valorant’s New Free In-Game Currency

One of the key highlights of the new progression system is the introduction of Kingdom Credits. Debuting with Episode 7, this free in-game currency will open a new dimension of in-game purchases. From Agent contracts to a variety of items available in the new in-game Kingdom Credits store, players will have a wide array of options to explore.

The Kingdom Credits icon is identifiable as a diagonal card emblazoned with a ‘K’. Located in the top right corner of the menu, it sits neatly next to your existing Radianite and Valorant Points. Although Kingdom Credits can’t be used for purchasing premium items like cosmetic enhancements or skin bundles, they offer an exciting opportunity to unlock items from past battle passes or Agent contracts.

Revolutionizing Agent Contracts and Daily Rewards

Valorant’s Episode 7 will transform traditional “Agent Contracts” into engaging “Agent Recruitment” events. The developers have reassured players that these contracts will be activated automatically via free Event Passes upon the release of Agent 23. This eliminates the need for manual activation and adds an element of ease for the players.

The period to unlock new Agents through XP is limited to a few weeks. After this period, players can unlock the Agent by paying 8,000 Kingdom Credits. However, the option to recruit them using Valorant Points will still be available for those who prefer a quick recruit.

The update also significantly boosts the game’s Daily Rewards system. Players will now earn both XP and Kingdom Credits. This means the more you engage with Valorant, the more XP and Kingdom Credits you’ll gather, thereby enhancing your progression and gameplay experience.

To sum up, Valorant’s new progression system will revolutionize the game’s reward and progression structure, fostering a more engaging and rewarding gaming environment for its players. Keep an eye on the game updates as the new Episode rolls out after the Night Market concludes on June 27.

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