Valorant Mobile Release Date: Latest Leaks and Updates on the Highly-Anticipated Game


Riot Games is making progress on the highly-anticipated mobile version of Valorant, according to recent leaks. While rumors of Valorant mobile have been circulating since 2021, little information has been available to players, leading to speculation that the project may have been shelved. However, recent leaks from ValorLeaks suggest that Riot is actively developing the mobile counterpart, with many new files being added to PBE.

In a statement, ValorLeaks claimed that “tons of Valorant Mobile files” had been added to the latest PBE patch, which is expected to roll out with version 6.06. Additionally, the group predicts that the Valorant Mobile beta will be available in the coming months. This news is a relief to mobile gamers who have been left without a well-optimized shooter since Respawn shut down Apex Mobile.

ValorLeaks also shared a screenshot from the mobile version of Valorant, which revealed a clean interface with only a few transparent icons on the screen. The interface is customizable, allowing players to organize their icons to their preferences.

In conclusion, it appears that Valorant mobile is still very much in development and will soon be available for beta testing. Fans of the popular shooter can look forward to playing the game on their mobile devices in the near future.

What is the expected launch date of Valorant on mobile devices?

Valorant Mobile’s official release seems to be drawing closer, with new files recently added to the game. However, it will first be released as a beta, and only a select few will have access to it. While it’s unclear how to gain access, leaks suggest that a friend invite system will be in place, so if you have any friends at Riot, you might be in luck. Those who receive beta access may be required to invite friends to try the game. It’s all speculation at this point, and players should not take it as definitive information. If a release date is imminent, expect Riot to make an official announcement in the coming months.

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