Valorant Players Concerned, Say that Gekko might be OP


Looking forward to the next act of Valorant, players are expressing unease about the introduction of the “overpowered” Gekko character to the growing roster of Agents. Many fear that Gekko’s abilities will give them an unfair advantage.

Despite this concern, the sixth Initiator is set to make his debut soon, bringing a fresh perspective and introducing a new range of creatures to the game. Hailing from Los Angeles, Gekko is expected to shake up the current meta and add excitement to the gameplay.

However, with worries about Gekko’s strength and potential imbalance, the community remains cautious ahead of Agent’s Act 2.

The Valorant community has already started discussing the upcoming agent, Gekko, even though the character has not yet been released. Gekko’s abilities involve the use of creatures to plant or defuse the spike, in addition to having a flash, stun, and grenade in his arsenal.

Recently, players took to Reddit to express their thoughts on Gekko, with many expressing concerns about the potential for the character to be overpowered. In a 1v1 scenario, the plant/defuse abilities could be difficult to counter, according to one player. Another player acknowledged the usefulness of the abilities in a 1v1 situation but agreed that it could be challenging to defuse with multiple players alive.

However, some players speculate that Gekko may not be as strong in higher elo solo queues. One player pointed out that Gekko’s creatures can be easily shot, which may make the agent less effective at higher levels of play.

In conclusion, Gekko’s unique abilities have already sparked discussions among the Valorant community, with some players expressing concerns about his potential to be overpowered, while others believe he may not be as strong in higher elo solo queues. As the agent’s release draws closer, it will be interesting to see how the community’s opinions evolve.

When it comes to VCT gameplay, some players believe that Gekko might be too powerful. However, for the majority of players, Gekko’s spike plant/defuse ability could be used as a crutch and result in being outplayed.

Despite this, Riot’s statement that Gekko was the most challenging Agent to create has sparked the curiosity of numerous players who are anxiously anticipating the release of Act 2 to experience the new character.

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