Valorant is A Horror Game? Omen-Astra Wallhack Teases!


Riot Games has developed Valorant with a rich and complex lore that immerses players into an intergalactic world of deceased family members, mysterious disappearances, and supernatural abilities. However, the game mechanics have remained separate from the narrative, until now. Recent paranormal activity suggests that the two worlds are merging, with Omen gaining access to Astra’s galaxy through a “wallhack” ability.

Both Omen and Astra possess unique abilities that require them to access different dimensions to use them. Omen’s phased world allows him to plant smoke, while Astra uses her Astral form to gain a vantage view of the map. A new wallhack visual indicates that the universes of Omen and Astra may be intertwined.

In a video shared by a Valorant player, Omen can be seen spotting Astra in her Astral form within his phased world, providing a significant advantage by revealing her position. While teammates protect Astra, Omen can see her clearly within his phased vision regardless of how far away she is.

Players speculate whether this is a bug or an intentional mechanic, although it’s likely a glitch as it could be game-breaking otherwise. The interaction between Omen and Astra has sparked the interest of Valorant lore enthusiasts, who believe the two characters may be connected somehow, leading to exciting developments in the game’s storyline.

Who is Astra and What is Her Role?

In the world of Valorant, Astra is known as a powerful cosmic being who possesses the ability to control the fabric of the universe. As per the game’s lore, she hails from Ghana and was once a humble astronomer until she gained immense powers through her exposure to the mysteries of the cosmos.

Despite being pursued by the Kingdom, an organization within the Valorant universe that seeks to exploit her abilities, Astra is determined to remain independent and use her powers to aid those she deems worthy. This intriguing backstory adds depth and complexity to Astra’s character and makes her a popular figure among fans of the game.

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