Valorant’s New Jett Bug: Trolls Tanking FPS and Causing Frustration


Discover the latest Jett FPS bug in Valorant that can be incredibly annoying, to the point where players are compelled to use ALT+F4 as a last resort. As a team-oriented game, Valorant demands seamless coordination among players. Unfortunately, there are malicious individuals who intentionally sabotage their teammates, exploiting a bug that drastically affects the FPS of the entire server with an intrusive noise.

Renowned YouTuber “Valorant Bugs and Glitches” has uncovered a problematic area on the Fracture map that causes FPS drops using Jett’s hover ability. This bug impacts the perpetrator as well as anyone in close proximity, subjected to the piercing sound of the wind.

To activate the bug, players hover over specific boxes located in the spawn area. Being trapped between these boxes generates a loud noise that significantly diminishes FPS, sometimes reducing it to as low as two frames per second. According to the YouTuber, this bug also causes frame fluctuations for all players on the server. Furthermore, teammates can confirm hearing the disruptive noise emanating from the boxes.

Although this bug may not appear to be game-breaking initially, it has become a playground for trolls. Numerous Jett players exploit this location to deliberately disrupt their teammates’ FPS and create a disturbing noise, which can even impact the frames of opposing players.

Regrettably, there is currently no known solution to avoid this issue, and players have reluctantly accepted its presence. While players eagerly anticipate Riot’s prompt resolution, it remains uncertain whether an immediate fix will be implemented, considering a similar bug has persisted in Icebox for an extended period. Nonetheless, players are hopeful that this glitch will capture Riot’s attention and trigger a resolution in due course.

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