VCT LOCK//IN: It’s LOUD vs Fnatic for the Finale


The initial event of the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour, VCT LOCK//IN Brazil, will showcase 30 partner teams from international leagues EMEA, Pacific, and Americas, along with two Chinese invited teams. This tournament, hosted by Riot Games, will be the largest Valorant event to date and provide a first glimpse of the teams in this new era of esports. Despite a hectic off-season with many alterations across all regions, the partner teams have completed their rosters in preparation for this significant tournament, which will take place before the international leagues begin.

As we approach the last day of the competition, only two teams remain in the running for the championship title. LOUD, the crowd favorites, managed to surpass DRX, and they aim to win their second consecutive international title. However, they face tough competition from Fnatic, who defeated NAVI in the semi-finals.

Before the final match, a show match featuring content creators and professional players will be held, and it will also serve as the platform to introduce the new Agent.

The event has attracted a steady and substantial viewership, and the intense matchup between LOUD and NRG reached a peak of more than 870,000 viewers. This resulted in it being one of the top ten most-watched games in Valorant history.

Ways to watch the Live-stream?

The live coverage of VCT LOCK//IN Brazil will be available on Riot Games’ Twitch and YouTube channels. (For easy access, just click on the italic text!)

On all game days of VCT LOCK//IN Brazil, spectators will be in attendance in the arena. Tickets for the event will be available worldwide on Ticket360 beginning on December 13th, with prices ranging from $16.79 to $27.99.

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