When Will Breeze Return to Valorant?


Following its removal from competitive play in Patch 6.0, fans are eager to know when Breeze will be reintroduced into Valorant.

Meanwhile, Episode 6 has introduced a new map called Lotus which features three bomb sites, rotating doors, and a destructible wall, offering a fresh experience for players to explore. Additionally, Split has returned with modifications to its layout that provide attackers with more strategic options.

Riot Games usually has seven maps in rotation, and Breeze and Bind were removed to make room for Lotus and Split.

Although there is currently no confirmed date for Breeze’s return to competitive play, based on the timeline for Split’s re-introduction, it is likely to be several months.

Since its release in 2021, Breeze has undergone minimal changes, and Riot Games is using this opportunity to enhance the map’s overall quality. Designer Joe Lansford has said that the team is exploring ways to improve agent and team comp diversity and simplify the map’s space.

While players wait for Breeze’s return, they can focus on climbing the ranked ladder and earning cosmetics through the new battle pass for Episode 6 Act 1.

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